Overwatch Endorsement: Do I Need to Level up?

Overwatch Endorsement: Do I Need to Level up?

It is a fact that there will always be some form of bad sport as long as there is competitive gaming. Most players have at least had some unfortunate interactions with toxic players, ranging from trash-talking to griefing to downright disgusting behavior. At first, there was nothing that could be done about these players except perhaps muting them and possibly reporting them if the game had that feature. With games becoming more popular, the number of bad players has increased, but so have the tools for discouraging bad behavior.

There is a history of toxic players in Overwatch, Blizzard’s incredibly popular and evolving game. Although there have been many attempts to cure this plague of annoying, offensive, and downright abhorrent behavior, the latest system they implemented is slightly different. As opposed to punishments, which still exist, Overwatch now has an endorsement system that tries to encourage good behavior. Here’s everything you need to know about endorsements, how they work, and why you should try to get them.

Overwatch Endorsement Decay  
Overwatch Endorsement Decay

Overwatch Endorsement Decay  

However, this doesn’t mean anyone with a high endorsement level can be toxic in the game. Overwatch also has endorsement decay, which means that if any of the following occurs, you will lose endorsements:

  • In case you don’t receive endorsements for a large number of games, Blizzard hasn’t given an exact number of games before your endorsement level starts to decline.
  • Consistently being reported for cheating or bad behavior by other players.
  • Leaving games before they are finished. This can result in your account being hit with a ‘leaver penalty’. These penalties are another way the game combats toxicity. When playing competitively, leaving a match before its end puts your team at a huge disadvantage, which is why the game punishes you severely by giving you a brief ban.

If you stop playing the game completely, your endorsement level does not diminish as it does for your competitive skill rating (above gold). Thus, if you have to leave home and cannot play the game for a while, or just want to take a break from the game in general, your endorsement level will not be affected at all.

If Blizzard finds out you have been cheating, throwing games, or acting badly after you have been reported, your endorsement level will be reset to zero and, in the worst case, your account will be banned.

However, the endorsement decay system is somewhat broken. In spite of receiving regular endorsements in the games they have played after they leveled up, many players have complained about not being able to maintain their endorsement level for even a day. Despite these complaints, Blizzard has not released a statement regarding the issue, and it has become even more frequent in recent months.

What are Overwatch endorsements?

What exactly are overwatch endorsements? They are a social feature added to the game as a reward for players who play well, are good teammates, and are generally positive members of the community. You can earn endorsements in three different ways:

Sportsmanship: It is meant to reward players who display good sportsmanship with these endorsements. Maintaining a positive attitude rather than blaming or arguing with your team, showing respect to all players, and generally acting with good manners throughout the game are all necessary. Moreover, this endorsement extends beyond your own team. It is also important to be a good sport to your opponents, whether you won or lost. To earn this, you should keep a positive attitude, encourage your teammates via voice chat, and avoid trash-talking.

Good Teammate: Because it deals specifically with your interactions with your team during a match, it is a little more focused than Sportsmanship. The usual things discussed in Sportsmanship also apply here, though with a few additions. Putting the team first is the mark of a good teammate, for instance. It can mean contributing to the objective or team effort, offering helpful advice or information, or, most importantly in Overwatch, being willing to change characters for the good of the team. This endorsement can be earned by making a small sacrifice if you are a Hanzo main and your team needs a healer.

Shot Caller: You should aim for this endorsement if you are an Overwatch veteran. Knowing all the tips, character strategies, and best team compositions for the situation is how you become a Shot Caller – in a respectful and kind manner, of course. Giving helpful advice to players who might be new or unfamiliar with the current Meta is a great way to build a stronger community, which is why I thought this endorsement was fantastic.

How many endorsements am I required to level up?

In reality, the real question is “How many do you need to level up?” and sadly, there’s no specific answer. The ranking system and how many endorsements you need to level up haven’t been announced by Blizzard. Because Blizzard does not want to gamify good behaviour, there isn’t even a progress bar to show how close you are to levelling up. Over time, we hope that the community will become a friendlier place, and that everyone will level up.

The reason we say ‘over time’ is that, frankly, it takes many endorsements just to go up one level.

You’d better not lose your temper, quit mid-match, or generally be a bad teammate if you’re trying to climb that endorsement ladder. Even though your endorsement level increases slowly, getting negative feedback from players with whom you’ve played can lower your overall level and eliminate any chance of ranking up.

What do I get for being endorsed?

Being endorsed will allow you to get into better queues in the ‘Looking for Group’ section, according to Blizzard. In addition, you will be able to specify what type of match you want (competitive, quick play, etc) and what role you wish to play. The company has also hinted that those who are positively endorsed can expect occasional rewards, but there is no indication of what form those rewards may take just yet.

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