How to Record Gameplay with NVIDIA ShadowPlay?

How to Record Gameplay with NVIDIA ShadowPlay?

NvidiaShadowPlay has been one of the best apps for video game broadcasting and recording for years. This screen recording utility is a part of the standard gaming setup used by some of the currently most popular gamers in the world.

The new GeForce Experience, which accompanies the GeForce GTX graphics card and keeps the drivers up to date, has caused a new makeover for the famous ShadowPlay app, which is now known as the Nvidia Share. This article will provide you with all the information you need about Nvidia Share, and we will take you through how to record gameplay with this application.

Nvidia Shadowplay Download
Nvidia Shadowplay Download

Can I Use Nvidia Share or ShadowPlay? 

Before we move on, you require to confirm if your computer meets the requirements. So, what are the requirements for Nvidia Share? Well, you’ll require to have an Nvidia graphics card from the GTX 650 or higher graphics card, and you’ll also have to make sure that the version of the GeForce Experience you have installed on your system is up to date. Furthermore, if you previously have a GSAS or VAST PC, you’ll discover that the GeForce Experience is already installed on your computer. Otherwise, you can download it from Nvidia’s website, along with all the drivers you’re going to require for a smooth performance.

Suppose you want to be positive that your computer supports Nvidia Share. In that instance, you should launch the GeForce Experience and check the Share Capacity and My Rig options in the Preferences menu. Keep in mind that you’ll need at least 4GB of RAM and an Intel i3-2100 processor on 3.1 GHz to accompany your GTX 650 series Nvidia Graphics card if you would like to use the ShadowPlay application.

However, for a better playing and recording experience, we suggest you to have:

  • 8GB RAM
  • i7 CPU
  • Recorded footage stored on an SSD or HDD (SSD is favored)
  • GTX 660 Graphic card

Once you’ve made sure that your drivers are updated, and your system meets all the system requirements, you can start recording your first gameplay with Nvidia Share/Shadowplay.

How To Enable Nvidia Shadowplay
How To Enable Nvidia Shadowplay

How to Manage Nvidia Share or ShadowPlay to Record Gameplay?

Launch GeForce Experience and Enable Share Feature 

Setting up a gameplay recording session with ShadowPlay is not a difficult process. However, there are quite a few settings you’ll have to adjust before you can start recording, and first, launching the game that you want to record and minimize it. Next, launch the GeForce Experience window by clicking on its desktop icon and ensuring that the sharing feature is enabled. You can do so by hitting on the Settings icon and heading over to the General section, where you’ll be able to spot the Share feature. Toggle it on if it’s turned off.

Audio Recording Settings

Now that the sharing option is enabled, you need to hit on the Open-In-Game-Overlay icon located next to the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Adjusting the audio settings before you start recording is essential because failing to check if your microphone is enabled may result in a video that doesn’t feature your narration during the gameplay.

You can access the audio options by hitting on the Microphone icon and selecting the Customize option. If you connected your mic perfectly, it should be on by default, and you can also choose from Push to talk, always on, and off options, depending on the type of video you are recording. Nvidia Share also allows you to select the audio recording device, turn the volume up or down or boost the audio volume.

Webcam Recording Settings

Enabling the webcam and utilizing it during the gameplay recording session can be done by clicking on the Camera icon. However, suppose the application won’t admit you to enable your webcam. In that case, you should head over to the Settings menu in the GeForce Experience’s main window, place the In-Game-Overlay option and switch it on under the General tab.

Set up Hotkeys

Gamers that want to use this application constantly can configure hotkeys to speed up the gameplay recording process. But, first, you’ll need to head over to the Settings menu and hit on the Keyboard Shortcuts option.

Customizing the hotkeys is simple. You can set the keyboard keys as hotkeys that you find the simplest to use during a gameplay recording session.

Choose the Recording Types: Instant Replay or Record

The Instant Replay feature should be used to capture special moments from the video games you play, which have previously happened, while the Record option is best used while the gameplay is still in progress. If you would like to use the Instant Replay option, click on it and then hit on the Customize button to tweak the settings to match the requirements of your video recording session.

You’ll be able to adjust the duration of the replay, the output video quality, as well as the video resolution, frame rate, and bitrate. The Recording menu will enable you to adjust the same settings as the Replay menu, but using both options while recording can slow down the gameplay. In most states, you can use the default settings, as the high option is the best choice for the video quality you can make, and record in in-game resolution will enable you to produce a good quality video.

Experimenting with the settings is advised only if you have the special requirements you need to meet and if the video-sharing platform you want to upload the video has limitations that prevent you from recording the gameplay in the highest quality ShadowPlay has to offer.

Record Your Gameplay with ShadowPlay/Nvidia Share

To initiate a gameplay recording session, click on the Record icon in the Open-In-Game-Overlay and hit Start. Alternatively, you can utilize the hotkeys on your keyboard to start, pause, and stop recordings.

Tips:Nvidia Share can automatically record the highlights of your video games, which can be accessed by hitting on the freshly added Highlights button. In most instances, the application will display a message before you start a recording session asking you whether you want to capture the highlights of a video game. If the message doesn’t appear, you can activate this feature by holding CTRL+Z and then hitting on the Settings menu and selecting the Highlights option.

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