How to Make Amiibo Cards? Complete Guide

How to Make Amiibo Cards? Complete Guide

How to make Amiibo Cards? Amiibo Cards are tap-to-play cards, technically NFC cards that make Amiibo figures or card numbers to your Island. As per Nintendo Direct, Amiibo cards make new guests to your island in the new Horizon. You require to buy these cards to play the game. However, it is not an ethical way to learn how to make Amiibo Cards of Animal Crossing.

All you have to do is touch the card in the game, and the figure based on the card will rise on your island. Following, the game will enable you to invite the figure to Photopia Island, where you can have astounding photoshoots with the figures.

Amiibo is a toys-to-life platform developed by Nintendo. These toys use NFC to join with fit devices. It operates with Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo 3DS.

How To Make Amiibo Cards Pc
How To Make Amiibo Cards Pc

How to Make Amiibo Cards? (Zelda)  

Do you know how to make Amiibo cards? If not! Let me give you a hand. Several players are performing their own Zelda Amiibo cards to turn their games to the next level. But the tip to ponder is, how to get Amiibo cards? Don’t fret; it’s not as difficult as you might imagine.

On the other side, you can purchase Amiibo cards from Amazon and eBay, but some Amiibo cards are surely too expensive to buy. Therefore, these cards are out of the grasp of every person. That’s why they believe separately, behave creatively and, make their Amiibo cards.

I was getting curious to know how to make Zelda Amiibo cards? So let’s move towards the Amiibo cards-making process.

You require mainly 4 things to make Amiibo cards for your games. These are!

  • Andriod Phone with NFC capability
  • NFC stickers (NTAG215)
  • Tagmo App and Files
  • Amiibo .bin files
How To Make Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards
How To Make Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

How to Make Your Own Amiibo Cards?

Let’s jump into the features of the process to know how to make Amiibo cards.

Solution 1: Check for NFC Compatibility

First of all, your phone must be compatible with the NFC to make an Amiibo card. If it is not cooperative with the NFC, you have to change the device.

Solution 2: NFC Tags

Secondly, you need to buy some NFC tags. You can purchase them from the Amazon or eBay website. Remember one word about NFC tags whether you purchase NFC tags from eBay, Amazon, or any other root, make sure that they are NTAG215 only because NTAG215 is compatible with Tagmo App Amiibo files.

The next action is to react to the Settings Security on your Andriod phone and Enable Unknown Sources, and Download Tagmo App.

After switching the unknown sources, download the Tagmo application. Unluckily, the Tagmo application is not available on the Google Play console. That’s why you will need to sideload it.

Amiibo .bin files

Once the Tagmo application is installed, you have 2 Amiibo files to work with! Those are unfixed-info.bin and Locked-secret.bin.

Launch Tagmo App

Now, this point is to start the Tagmo App. For this plan,

  • Head over to the Tagmo application, touch on 3 dots on the upper right corner.
  • Press on Import keys/Load keys.
  • Pick Unfixed-info.bin file and Locked-secret.bin file
  • In the next run, you’ll head over to the NFC bank and get your required file.
  • Scroll down the screen and choose Zelda. You’ll see a table of Amiibo links.
  • Choose a link you have to write on the NFC card
  • Press on Download All Files button under the features of that link.

These data will be stored in the Downloads folder of your device; if these data are zipped folders, you’ll have to extract them on the computer and move them to the download of your Andriod phone.

  • Press on the Load Tag button in the Tagmo application and choose your Amiibo files.

Choose the Write Tag button and set your NFC tag on your android device. Congratulations! Your tag has been signed.

These stickers are not re-writeable, so be cautious while you create an Amiibo card. You can’t make any edits once you have written on the NFC sticker.


Q: Can you get banned for using fake Amiibo?
A: No, you’ll not get forbidden if you are using fraudulent Amiibo. This is because they don’t have any rules to track you. That’s why no one can forbid you from utilizing fake Amiibo cards.
Q: What is the rarest Amiibo?
A: A list of rarest Nintendo Amiibo is here • Little Mac • Wii fit trainer • Pit • Meta knight • Rosalina • Gold Mario • Shulk • Lucario • Marth • Villager
Q: Can I make my Amiibo cards?
A: Yes, you can make your Amiibo cards with NFC NTAG215 stickers, Andriod phone, and Tagmo App. This is all, how to make Amiibo cards.
Q: Can Amiibos only be used once?
A: One Amiibo can store info for one game at a time. You can use the information of aneAmiibo in Read-only congenial games. It indicates you can get more information with the same Amiibo.
Q: Is Making Amiibo Cards legal?
A: If you are making Amiibo Cards by downloading and making your card, you might get accused of copyright infringement. There are rare chances of getting caught, ut selling them online is entirely illegal.
Q: Can I use my phone instead of an ntag215 tag?
A: No, unless our phone is rooted, you cannot use your phone instead of the ntag215 tag.
Q: Can you use TagMo as an Amiibo?
A: Yes, you can use TagMo as Amiibo. Through the Tagmo application, you can store the Amiibo as files on your phone that can be transferred to a tournament organizer utilizing a file manager.


Zelda Amiibo cards are those cards with which you can request new villagers to your contest. For instance, if you make a wolf link Amiibo card with NFC tags, you’ll ask that wolf into your game. And your game will look like something adventurous and exciting.

The most straightforward and exciting answer to making Amiibo cards has been described in detail in this article. I hope you have got the answer to how to make Amiibo Cards.

Amiibo Cards are very much exciting and a great thing to have a collection of. Which is your favorite character from the series? Let us know in the comments section.

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