How to Make a Healing Potion in Minecraft (Instant Health)

How to Make a Healing Potion in Minecraft (Instant Health)

How to make a healing potion in Minecraft? There are several potions you can brew to enhance your effectiveness. Many of them can give you an edge in combat, while others can be used to finish your mine faster. There are many effects to explore when brewing potions and healing potions are safe when heading somewhere dangerous.

A potion of healing can be helpful when you are in a pinch. Healing hearts while on fire or withered can make the separation between living or dying. Keeping a couple of these on hand will support your survival rate and keep you mining or fighting.

How To Make A Healing Potion In Minecraft
How To Make A Healing Potion In Minecraft

Required Items to Make Potion of Healing 

– Blaze Powder

– Brewing Stand

– Water Bottles

– Nether wart

– Gold Ingot

– Melon slices

The toughest part of brewing potions is finding a nether fortress. The fortress will house blaze and the nether wart needed to make a potion of healing. You will need to defeat some blaze competitors to get blaze rods, a material used for crafting the brewing stand and fueling it. To make potions, you will require glass bottles to house the potion effects. Dig up some sand and smelt it in a furnace to get the three glass pieces you require.

To make a potion of healing, you require to make an awkward base potion first. You can do so with the nether wart. Next, the gold ingot and the melon are required to make glistering melons. This is the main ingredient for making potions of healing.

Minecraft Potion Of Healing
Minecraft Potion Of Healing

How to Make a Healing Potion in Minecraft?

In a Nutshell: 

To make a Potion of Healing:

  1. Open the brewing stand.
  2. In the brewing stand UI, put your water bottle in one of the bottom three boxes.
  3. Put a nether wart in the top box, and once the arrow fills up completely.

Now place your glistening melon; you require to put it into the top box in the UI of the brewing stand. After a few seconds, the awkward potion will change into a Potion of Healing.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Here is the step-by-step pictorial guide you require to follow to make a Potion of Healing in Minecraft:

Start by locating some melons. They are easily found in savannah villages with farms, or you could go underground to try and get a dungeon or abandoned mine shaft. Melon seeds are generated in their respective chests. I was ready to find a dungeon with some melon seeds inside. Look for the green mossy cobblestone underground, and you will understand you have found a dungeon.

Plant your melon seeds next to some water and ready for a melon to grow. Then, put some bonemeal on the seeds to spend less time waiting. You can break the melon with your hands to get the melon slices you require. Chances are you were ready to find some gold while searching for your dungeon. Smelt your gold in a furnace to make a gold ingot.

Put your gold ingot in a crafting menu to turn it into gold nuggets. Next, circle a melon slice with your gold nuggets to get a glistering melon. You now have the main ingredient for making potions of healing. To brew your potions, you will require a brewing stand. For a brewing stand, you will require a blaze rod. You will need to go to the nether to find the blaze. Create a nether portal by placing obsidian four blocks wide and five blocks tall.

Next, light the nether portal among some flint and steel. To create flint and steel, you will need an iron ingot and a flint. Place the flint and the iron ingot into your crafting menu in any of the nine crafting spaces, and you can start traversing the nether. To light, your portal makes sure you light one of the inside obsidian blocks, stand in the portal for a few seconds, and be able to face the fiery depths of the nether.

Next, you will require to locate a nether fortress. These fortresses can be very rare; if you are fortunate, your portal may generate right on top of one. Once you have located the red/purple hue of the brick, you understand you have found your fortress! Your following step will be locating the blaze that spawns intermittently throughout the fortress. A blaze spawner can make your life much more comfortable if you are lucky enough to find one.

Defeat fairly blaze until you have a suitable supply of blaze rods. You will need at least one blaze rod to make the brewing stand, and any extra can become fuel for the brewing stand itself. Run throughout your fortress until you come across a staircase with any soul sand and some red fungus growing. This is the nether wart you will require to brew your awkward potion. After you have got all your materials, start to safety and back to your crafting table. Using your blaze rod, mix it with three pieces of cobblestone on a crafting table to make a brewing stand.

Your brewing stand will need some blaze powder to work. Just put a blaze rod into your crafting menu to make blaze powder. Each blaze rod will yield two blaze powders. Next, Right-hit your brewing stand to open its UI. Fix your blaze powder in the top left slot to fuel your brewing stand. Next, you will need some glass bottles. Smelt some sand in a furnace to create glass and arrange three pieces of glass in a v shape in a crafting menu to make glass bottles.

With your glass bottles, right-hit any water source to fill your bottles up and get water bottles. Next, right-hit you’re brewing stand and place the water bottles at the bottom. You are almost done! Set your nether wart in the final slot, wait for the bottles to fill up, and you will have your base for the potion of healing: the awkward potion.

Drop the awkward potions at the bottom and grab your glistering melon. Please put it in the same slot that the nether wart was in. After the bottles have filled up, you will have three potions of healing. Congratulations! Your potions of instant health are able to go.

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