How Does Grubhub Work for the Consumers & Restaurants?

Curious to know how does grubhub work? Grubhub is an on-demand food distribution service. It operates on both websites and mobile utilization. The Grubhub mobile application is possible for both iOS and Android.

It was founded by Matt Maloney and Michael Evans in 2004. It is headquartered in Chicago and serves more extra than 900 locations in the USA. Within ten years of business, the startup was its impression of becoming an IPO. Grubhub achieved IPO status on 7th April 2014.

This website has gained several restaurants accessible for its users. The target audience for the organization is the ‘tired people group.’ Food delivery makes ordinary meals very simple for bachelors. It is also a great advantage to host parties.

How Does Grubhub Delivery Work
How Does Grubhub Delivery Work

How does Grubhub work? 

Let’s consider how does Grubhub works. Grubhub connects diners with a variety of establishments available near them. They can order food and get it presented at their doorsteps. They provide their services on their website as well as mobile credentials. Let’s see how it works for different segments of the business.

Consumers: The users can browse the different restaurants available on the portal. The posterior then place an order and wait for their orders to the abandoned on their doorsteps. The portal allows them to pay online or in payment. This gives the consumer flexibility and makes the employment user-friendly.

Restaurants: Once a user places an order, the restaurant is informed about the same. They can verify the order based on the availability of the same. Once they approve, they can proceed to prepare the company and keep it ready for the runners for delivery.

Couriers: Once a restaurant approves an order, a courier nearest to the position gets a notification. He has to accept the delivery request and then immediately head to the restaurant. The order is unless ready for collection, or the courier has to wait for a while before it is processed and packed.

Once this cycle has been performed, the food is then delivered to the customer’s address. This is how one consummate cycle of an order takes place. We can understand this simple method in detail.

How Does Grubhub Work For Drivers
How Does Grubhub Work For Drivers

How does Grubhub work for consumers?

In this segment, we will see how does Grubhub works for the consumer through a stepwise model. The customers are the primary users of the food delivery service. They are the primary component of the business. Giving an excellent user experience to the consumers is very necessary for any business to thrive in the market.

Let’s have a look at the stepwise model of how Grubhub works for their customers. The consumers have to order their food in the subsequent steps:


There is a family of restaurants available on the online portal. The customers have to browse the restaurants and their menus based on the cookery they’d prefer on a particular day. Once they’ve determined the cuisine, they can go through the establishments providing the same and choose what they want to order.

Place an order

Once the user has browsed the possible options, he comes to a decision. Once this selection of meals is made, the user has to place an order. He has to select the items he requires to order and add them to the cart. The user also has to set a mailing address to the order. After the cart is ready, the application will ask for approval; once the user approves, the next step starts.

Payment Options

After the authorization from the user, the application focuses them on the checkout page. Here the user has to make the pay for his order. There are several options possible for the user to make a payment. He/she can pay through debit/credit cards, PayPal or they can demand a Cash on Delivery for their order

Wait WaitWait

Payment is the last step for obtaining food from Grubhub. Once the payment is made, the required the placed, and the restaurant’s role comes into play. Now all the customer has to do is wait for the courier to bring them the feed at their doorstep.

This is how Grubhub strives for its consumers. It makes it super manageable for the users to order snacks at any time of the day. Its simplicity and variety have become the go-to alternative for the ‘hunger pangs of the USA.

How does Grubhub work for the restaurants?

Restaurants play a significant role in the conclusion of an entire order cycle. The food is showcased and provided by the restaurants. These are essential elements of the business. Let us have a look at how Grubhub works for their partner establishments:

Bing! There’s an order!

As soon as the customer completes payment, the restaurant is suggested on its dashboard. The restaurant has to check then the availability of the order needed.

Confirm Order

Once the availability is established, the restaurant has to confirm the order on the dashboard then. This will send the consumer an update and will notify the nearest carrier about the same.

Prepare and Pack

After the confirmation is done, the establishment has to start then preparing the order. The meal should be ready and packed when the courier arrives. This is the middle part of the restaurant’s job.

Handle it over

Once the courier appears at the restaurant, they have to hand the parcel over to the courier. The restaurant has to make sure that the packing is done according to the provisions being parcelled. It should be convenient to expatriates and should not create a mess.

Here the restaurant’s part gets done, and the courier comes into play.

How Does Grubhub Work
How Does Grubhub Work

How does Grubhub work for couriers?

Being a food delivery app, transfer is an essential part of the business. Grubhub has a network of couriers that pick up orders from restaurants and deliver them to consumers.

Let’s understand how Grubhub works do for couriers.

That’s an order

As soon as a restaurant approves an order, the courier nearest to the location is notified about the order. The courier has to accept the order if it is feasible for him to reach it in time.

Pick Up

After accepting the delivery request, the courier has to reach the establishment as soon as possible. Once he goes, he has to pick up the order and update the same in this application. This helps the user to track their systems while on the way.

Delivery and Tips

After the pickup, the courier has to enter the address assigned to the order. The couriers can contact the customer in case of delays. They can also get them for directions. Once they go, the performance is to be done and the tips collected.

This is how one complete cycle of an order needs a place on Grubhub. With this, we understood how Grubhub works for the various elements of its business.

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