Best Instagram Story Apps: 10 Apps You Need In 2021

Best Instagram Story Apps: 10 Apps You Need In 2021

User’s post photos or short videos as Instagram Stories, which appear on Instagram for 24 hours. The plethora of options available to make them more interesting has made this feature extremely popular.

You can use a range of apps to create engaging and fun Instagram Stories. Some apps offer effects and animations for Stories, while others allow for more advanced photo and video editing.

Although Instagram itself provides many options for creating Stories, using apps can enhance them further. But, there are Best Instagram Story Apps that you can use to create amazing instagram story apps.

Photogrid – Create Insta Stories

Easy collage app for Instagram stories that lets you create picture or video collages. PhotoGrid has several templates that you can choose from for Instagram Stories.

The programme gives you a lot of photo effects, stickers, fonts, and filters to customize photos. It also provides photo editing features, such as removing the background or clipping an object from a photo. Additionally, it lets you add or remove makeup to your selfies and profile shots. There is also a selfie camera that takes selfies and beautifies them.

Instagram Stories can also be done using PhotoGrid. Also, it lets you add GIFs to memes.

Both Android and iOS are supported by the app.

What’s In It:

  • Photo collage templates for 300+ photos
  • and makeup for profiles
  • ; real-time selfie capture and video recording; smart face filters
  • that offer 60+ options
  • and over 90 unique backgrounds


Typorama lets you quickly add eye-catching text over Instagram Story photos.

Typographic designs can be created with ease with this application. It’s also easy to type a message after picking a background. Typographic layout options are abundant with the app, including fonts and typeface options.

Along with advanced text tools, this app also provides several photo editing options. The application includes filters and overlays as well as options to correct images for a polished look.

Only iOS devices are compatible with this app right now.

A Few Key Features Are:

  • Over 50 different typographic styles
  • plus 100+ fonts
  • to customize your text
  • There are hundreds of quotes available for you to use.
  • Thousands of stock photos can also be used.
  • You can enhance text by applying gradients, shadows, and distortion effects.

Microsoft Hyperlapse

A free app called ‘Timelapse’ makes it quick and easy for you to create time-lapse videos, which can then be shared via Instagram Stories.

In this app you can either use it to create a time lapse video from scratch or to edit the speed of an existing video. For a time lapse video you can record videos for a maximum of 20 minutes. It will increase the speed by 32 times according to the speed limit, which would be a large increase for reducing the speed limit.

A Few Of The Key Features Are As Follows:

  • Your phone can be used to directly record time-lapse videos
  • by modifying your existing videos to have a x-, y- or z-fold increase in speed
  • This feature is compatible with high-resolution videos

Cutstory For Making Insta Stories

It’s a free iOS app that lets you create a series of 15-second videos for Instagram Stories through the use of a long video.

In order to post a video story on Instagram, it is essential that it be shorter than 15 seconds in length. This causes a number of challenges to be faced. With the help of this app, you are able to create a continuous stream of 15-second videos that you can directly upload on Instagram using the Stories feature.

Features To Look Out For:

  • This tool will allow you to cut 15-second clips from long videos in order to use them as Instagram Stories
  • for any video format that is supported by this tool

Use 8mm App To Create Stories

It is a retro camera app that lets you record videos in a way that is reminiscent of an old 8mm camera. The app is a good one for creating Instagram video Stories with a retro feel and adding a little bit of nostalgia to them.

Additionally, the app also gives you the option of using effects to create the perfect video from an existing video in your gallery.

At the moment, the app is only available for mobile devices running iOS.

It Is Equipped With The Following Key Features:

  • Seven types of lenses are available for sale such as Clear, Flickering Frame, and so on.
  • A list of 12 types of retro and vintage films, from 1920’s, all the way to Sakura, including
  • three free themes and two premium themes
  • It utilizes a button that works like a jitter wheel to simulate the frame shakes of an old fashioned 8mm camera

Wrapping Up

Making your Instagram Stories stand out and catch your audience’s attention is easy to do with Facebook Story editing apps, and you can find many of them on the App Store. You can use these apps no matter what kind of brand you are, whether you are a brand or an influencer, in order to reach out to customers in an attention-grabbing manner.

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